Westbank has built a practice around long-term commitments to artistry, sustainability and city-building. These commitments underlie an orientation towards projects like Woodwards, Vancouver House, Mirvish Village, Telus Garden and Oakridge – catalysts for larger change that go beyond the borders of the projects themselves. We are here to create. To provoke. To ignite. We are the vehicle for a new movement of cultural expression.

As the practice matures, we have become more ambitious. With every new project reflecting our commitment to the philosophy behind Gesamkunstwerk, or in our recent work the Japanese philosophy behind layering, the net effect is that our work becomes much more complex and far-reaching.

The core of Westbank’s mission is to create a body of work with a high degree of artistry that helps foster more equitable and beautiful cities. Westbank is active across Canada and in the United States, with projects including luxury residential, Five Star hotels, retail, office, rental, district energy systems, affordable housing initiatives and public art. Established in 1992, we are one of North America’s leading developers, with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Seattle, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and over 25 billion dollars of projects completed or under development.

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December 15, 2015

Art of Development

Even before you enter Fairmont Pacific Rim, you will be captivated by its exterior. Three extraordinary works draw attention – hotel architect and photographer James Cheng’s facade on perforated stainless steel creates the illusion of a forest; British artist Liam Gillick’s hypnotic, continuous thread of words stand boldly along floors five to 22; and a grove of abstract trees with glass leaves by Omer Arbel for internationally-heralded design firm, Bocci, graces the hotel entrance. All speak to the art and artistry of the growing international collection – eclectic in nature – that is housed within.

Vancouver’s definitive luxury hotel. Under the direction of owners/developers, Westbank and the Peterson Group, the collection is not themed, rather driven by interest and passion. Started in 2010 with the hotel’s opening, the collection underlines a deep commitment to bringing art and artists into all aspects of the hotel’s design and development.

New lobby art by Canadian artist Guido Molinari

New lobby art by Canadian artist Guido Molinari

Priority has been placed on showcasing the best of local Vancouver artists – of particular note – Fred Herzog, Ian Wallace, Neil Campbell, Joseph Wu, Adad Hannah and Omer Arbel. At the same time, international works by Liam Gillick and Zhang Huan have been selected. Commissioned works also hold pride of place – the most notable example is a work by Neil Campbell in The Lobby Lounge.

Whether you are captivated by the works that hang on the walls, the ever-changing piece poised prominently above the bar, the exterior or touchable pieces, the artistry of Fairmont Pacific Rim is all encompassing, bringing back the traditional union of art and architecture.

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