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In 2014, we opened the Gesamtkunstwerk Exhibition to engage the community in a conversation about city building and afford Vancouverites the opportunity to peek under the hood of Vancouver House, a very special project.

Westbank’s long term commitments to sustainability, the integration of art into innovative architecture, and now the re-imagining of Vancouver’s energy infrastructure has compelled us towards thinking about our projects as more than just buildings, but rather, opportunities to shape the entire buildout of the city. This new platform will keep you informed on the evolution of our city building practice, and encourage engagement and interaction to foster dialogue for the future of our cities.

February 02, 2016

How can architecture create communities?

We see our projects as active engagements with community, as part of a dialogue between what is built, the place where it is situated and the people who live there. Our projects are conceptualized and designed with an awareness of a much larger urban narrative. Last August we announced that we had retained Bjarke Ingels […]

January 17, 2016

New Yorks Times Likes Your Style, Canada

A recent article gracing the front page of the New York Times’ Style section, along with a picture of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, gushes about Canada’s cool factor. In the months since his election, Mr. Trudeau, 44, the 6-foot–2 self-described feminist, who has been a television actor, snowboarding instructor and amateur boxer, has assumed the […]

December 15, 2015

Oh, Christmas Tree

Versace Home and the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel have partnered on an artful holiday project. Using gold Versace Home chairs, the installation shines in the hotel lobby next to a 15-foot traditional tree.

December 15, 2015

The Experience

Vancouver artist Elizabeth Zvonar conjures romantic sentiment and melancholic undertones in The Experience, a bleached-out collage and light installation boldly positioned in downtown Vancouver during the dreary winter months. Combining materials and strategies used in advertising, the site-specific public artwork draws tangential connections between thoughtful inquiry and advertorial amusement. A pair of sunglasses is placed […]

December 15, 2015

Art of Development

Even before you enter Fairmont Pacific Rim, you will be captivated by its exterior. Three extraordinary works draw attention – hotel architect and photographer James Cheng’s facade on perforated stainless steel creates the illusion of a forest; British artist Liam Gillick’s hypnotic, continuous thread of words stand boldly along floors five to 22; and a […]

December 04, 2015

Welcome to Markham House

Markham House is a city building lab and community hub showcasing the creativity of the neighbourhood and the city. Once Anne Mirvish’s art studio, Markham House is a place where you can explore the vibrancy and diversity of the future Mirvish Village through installations, workshops and events. This is also the place to learn more about […]

December 02, 2015

“Spinning Chandelier,” by Vancouver artist Rodney Graham approved by Vancouver City Council

“Spinning Chandelier,” by Vancouver artist Rodney Graham is a kinetic sculpture that will transform the vast, cathedral-like spaces under the Granville Bridge. Graham’s sculpture extends from his 2005 35-fi lm loop installation Torqued Chandelier Release in which a crystal chandelier whirls rapidly as its supporting cable is unwound. Installed under the bridge above the intersection […]


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