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Sewell’s Landing

For 85 years the Sewell family’s enterprises in Horseshoe Bay have been among the most significant contributors to the life, vitality, and economic prowess of the community.these enterprises focused largely on providing water-borne recreational services – and for many decades included also a general store – always a key focus of any local area community.

And Horseshoe Bay is a community. Although part of West Vancouver, its unique geography and orientation has meant it has always had a sense of being distinguished – a place in its own right – a community within a community. Though it has struggled through many recent decades with accommodating regional transportation links in the form of ferry services, these facilities have for some time now reached a mature state, consolidated on the eastern edge of the Bay. The balance of the basin has evolved as a residential community with a range of commercial service, including Sewell’s, serving both the local area and a range of regional users.


Perspective view of Horseshoe Bay looking west to Sewell’s Landing


Latterly, Sewell’s facilities have focused on marinas and recreational boaters’ services, which generate of course a need for a significant amount of parking – on the upland site. This is a proposal to substantially increase the level of contribution that this site can make to the community – retaining the marina parking, but underground, and adding residential uses, incorporating some commercial facilities designed to retain what marine services want to remain, and adding others intended to extend and compliment, rather than compete with, existing commerce in the Bay.

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